About 'CBM : Water extraction unit'

I use this CBM power on squirrel and use Steel jerrycan to contain water and
got FULL OF WATER that much heavier than corpse.
seems this CBM extract full amount of container can hold.
with just single power use.

Maybe it’s not a bug. XD but certainly Overpowered.

I’d say it’s more of an oversight than an out-and-out bug. I expect we’ll see it get fixed in time.

In the meantime just pretend that it was some sort of mutant cross between a squirrel and a water-holding frog.

Ok, XD
Thanks for reply.

Note: This happens with every water-source that should not be infinite atm.

Problem with “full of water” is that it continues to be “full of water”, no matter how many charges you use…until it’s suddenly empty. Basically, the label hides the actual charge status. Try using the CBM to extract to a canteen or bottle, then counting charges.

(At least that was the bug when last I had it. But that’s 02Feb.)