That one fatally annoying thing that happens while you smoke when your hands are doing the arthtritis boogie

You dropping your cig is one of the those small things that are frustrating in a really big way. A single, tiny event that you’re not notified about in the appropriate way that’ll burn you’re stuff in the VERY least.

Honestly if they’re not gonna remove it they should at least tweak it so it stops you from what you’re doing like when you start scratching your self due to kalouptic psychosis, because even if I keep an eye out for it my phone just doesn’t process my command fast enough to stop me from what I’m doing.

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It really is silly that cigarettes seem to burn at the temperatures more commonly reserved to open flames but, seeing as fire sources do not have degrees of temperature and one is much the same as another, I’m at a loss for how it can be fixed other than just removing the ability of a lit cigarette and similar to start fires entirely, which is also kind of ridiculous. God knows I’ve set my things ablaze too many times to count by lighting up a smoke prior to dropping my pack in preparation for a fight. Perhaps a workaround would be to auto-assign lit smokables to a wielded hand instead of straight into the pockets of clothing, but I have no idea how to implement something like that and, even so, it still wouldn’t fix the issue of them burning at a bajillion degrees Centigrade.

As an aside (and I may or may not have mentioned this in a previous post, I disremember), I used to work for a quadriplegic who smoked. He commonly dozed off smoking before he quit and had the burn holes in his shirts and scars on his skin to attest to it, but he did NOT die in a spontaneous blaze.


I’d settle for an option to stop my activity when things like my lit cig drops for now, similar to when you spot enemies and stuff, or even an option to have cravings interrupt activities, since those cravings tend to be the ones that gives you the shakes. For now my smoker will be using either the electric cigs or be smoking pipes, or chew some nicotine gums when I get the shakes.

Giving Cigarettes a special flag would work well enough to prevent that.

Should there be a small window telling the player they dropped their lit cigarette (or any item really) due to the shakes? Absolutely. Do it like the stupid Portal Storm warnings.

However if you have a character that has the potential to be disrupted by stuff like that due to (conditions), it kinda is on you to pay attention to the logs and avoid smoking indoors / near your piles of hoarded crap.

Like I said, even if I pay attention to it and tried to stop it the moment I read it in the log my phone is still too slow in processing my command.