I just lost my bags with all the kit I brought with me on my expedition, including my E-ink PC and camera with all my stuff on it

I was smoking and the lit cigar must have gone into one of my bags. Maybe try and find a way to prevent this from happening? I am mildly tilted right now.

I dunno how many times I’ve had this happen. It won’t burn while it’s on your person but if you drop it on the ground with other items that are flammable suddenly your base is burning down. It’s safest to both wield and favorite the lit cigarette so you don’t have this happen during a moments inattention. That will keep it out of your bags.
A somewhat more advanced method would be to designate a pocket that you’re always going to wear as high priority for anything lit and also make it “no unload” with pocket settings. That will automatically put lit items into that pocket first and no unload will keep it from emptying when you drop all.