That flame eye's sonic blast mabye need a little changeing

that sonic blast wave was too strong, it destory my car instantly, cause my engine failing, and even worse, cause my car run into water and sinking.

can someone just make this sonic blast a little weaking, or get my car something protection armor?

There is actually a decided lack of end game challenge. In my opinion flaming eyes are already fairly well balanced. Sorry about your car. Sounds like !!FUN!!.

Always !FUN! to have a house collapse while you’re taking a nap.
But when the Z-levels are added these will be !!!FUN!!! when you end up dodging falling office tower!:F

I personally find gaze annoying. At the same time there is no counter to it and no need to counter it, it does not really fo anything unless you have a car.

The gaze is more annoying than dangerous. Not sure how would I change it, though. If someone PRs a good idea, it could probably easily replace the current one.

I find flamin’ eyes annoying. They can apparently find me no matter where I am. So rather than try to hide from a flamin’ eye I instead go to run them over as soon as possible with my turbo laser truck.

I don’t understand what that eye-beam is supposed to be. It’s apparently overwhelmingly destructive to every single thing in the world except me. Blows holes in buildings but doesn’t muss my hair.

I do wish there were a better concept for “endgame challenge” than just plunking whatever monster down randomly in the street. Between tankbots, hordes, and whatever else, I feel way safer scooping up plutonium and stuff in the depths of a science lab than I do rummaging a sporting goods store.

Need to be able to jump into those portals and invade hellworld!

I wouldn’t list the flaming eye as an “intended end-game challenge”. It’s only the way it is because it’s a very old monster, and as such has been grandfathered in from close to the very beginning of development.

The basic lore behind their gaze attack is that it is reaching through the dimensions with the rest of its body (i.e., the part you cant actually see) to poke you and cause weird madness to occur. My advice would probably be to have the flaming eye still be able to do its gaze attack through walls, etc., but just not destroy the walls that it goes through. Probably change the message to something about getting chills if you can’t actually see the eye, and call it good.

Yea I’d merge that in a heartbeat if the implementation worked.