[spoiler] has night vision

It is logical for flaming eyes to have night vision, but they didn’t in older versions.

Now they can see you in darkness, and can beam you across the screen, but the longest gun can’t shoot farther than 30 tiles. I used to shoot them at night. Their meat is not tainted, and can even be appetizing when properly cooked. I miss the canned floating eye, and the chilled eye aspic.

edit: I edit the title in case it is considered spoiler content.

im in favor of nixxing their fungal attack sickness snipe. bring back the deathray plx

Flaming Eyes had a deathray? Was it capable of sniping you across the screen like the fungal stare?

Meh, the deathray was ridiculous - they could nuke buildings and vehicles between you and them from a long range, where you couldn’t see them.

“Driving along, being very careful… oops, I came within 50 tiles of a space I can’t see, and there was an eye there, so now I’m dead.”

You’re the first person I know of to consider that good game play.

It actually didn’t do any direct damage to the player, but it instra-destroyed building and vehicle tiles all along the way. Since they could see through everything, they could easily use it on you while you were hiding in a building (building falls down on your head) or driving along, say, on a road through a forest - hope they don’t hit the tile that holds your fuel… BOOM.

So, as long you stay entirely out of buildings and out of the blast radius of all fuel tanks, and never wanted to have a vehicle that you put any effort into, they were fine. :-/

Two flaming eyes are guarding the bunker I intemded to move in. If they are really unkillable, I will leave them alone and spend summer in my gas station.

guns and anti-fungal pills

They are actually really easy to kill (no actual attack, but high HP), it’s just that they WILL stare at you at least once each, and the more you get stared at, the more likely you are to have bad things happen to you.

I think it uses the mechanics as what happens to you when you teleport - some kind of residual “disease” that can do things to you as it fades away. Certainly, the symptoms are at least very similar - occasionally getting slimed for no reason, getting fungal infection, etc.

With two of them, I would make sure you have some way of dealing with fungal infection before you approach.

Kogan the churl had been learning chemistry. Now he will never cook any antidota fungalea because he is dead!

He was on a frog hunting trip, passing by a town. A hulk walked from behind a corner. Kogan threw a molotov, and the hulk was burnt. Some other zombie walked into the fire and incidentally dropped some ammo. The explosion killed Kogan.

He had also planned to forge throwing knife and mace, brew ethanol, and distill diesel from zombie bear, and he already had most of the tools! It’s never too soon to start. YOLO. LOL…

This (and the destruction of all the wonderful loot) is why I am loathe to use fire in all but the most desperate situations.

If I DO use fire, most commonly, I’ll start a small fire and get them to walk through it, just to weaken them for me to kill… but molotovs and flame throwers destroy WAY too much of the stuff I want, and they run the risk of that destruction being energetic.

fire is good. fire is friend.

i am all.about eg fire use

the deathray doesnt have to be 50 tiles. lol vision is.an adjustable number for.monsters and range of attack is too

[quote=“pisskop, post:10, topic:13342”]fire is good. fire is friend.

i am all.about eg fire use

the deathray doesnt have to be 50 tiles. lol vision is.an adjustable number for.monsters and range of attack is too[/quote]

OK, but when you said “bring back the deathray plx”, that’s what the deathray was - completely farging insane.

“bring back a severely range-nerfed version of the deathray” I could at least consider. Flaiming eyes really could use SOME kind of actual attack, after all…

I would like to see them force-teleport you into the nether.

But that would require the nether to be traversable or even in the game as a tileset.


Walking along, minding own business
A wild Flaming Eye appears!
Suddenly you are in the Nether
No Oxygen in Nether, lungs collapse, gagging on floor
A mi-go comes by
Teleport back
Wholly Whell