Evading Sniper-like Range

Heya all… My last survivor went out with http://puu.sh/daFdU/aebf3cf42c.png

Admittedly the vehicle I used this time had only basic car armor, what does one do against flaming eye beams that come out of sight and tank drones with 120mm cannons? The later managed to eat through my reinforced APC before I could even do anything a few times.

I’m guessing carrying an EMP grenade for the turret is the way to go, but what about the (apparently?) wall hacking flaming eye?

Theres nothing you can do against the eye.

hope it doesn t get your car.
explore new regions with an expandable vehicle that doesn t hold all your crafting rigs and whatnot.

kill it on foot (make sure you have royal gelee or fungus medcine cause it can infect you)

Ouch. Alright, thanks… I can’t be 100% sure, but I think the beam was hitting my 100% full gas tank as well, which produced a similar explosion.

I don t know if they explode you gas tank. I haven t had one destroy my vehicle like that yet (all the fun explosions i missed D: )

I also only use electric vehicles.

I got a basic 2 zylinder motor on my big base with all alternators on it to charge batteries.(and only the smalest gastank because of safety reasons)

I switch out full batteries to operate my smaler recon cars/bikes

I think they do. I use a hybrid (my mechanics is typically off the scale, so I usually have 2 engines, one of each). I guess I’ll try sticking to electric only and see how that works.

Ironically, going out in a fireball is my usual means of death… even with the gas tank squarely in the middle of the car, it loves to get hit.

Get an electric car next time? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what Valpo just suggested, and I intend to this time.

When you build solar panels on your car:

If they are on a tile zombies can pass they ll do not damage them usualy.
Try avoiding placing them over crafting rigs or the outer parts of your car.(they stoill get hit randomly sometimes like you say about your gas tank … annyos me to no end… yet at least they do not explode ^^)
My base vehicle has 9 solar panels (enhanced when i finde them) and i rarely have problems with energy.(like never(so i rarely even have a generator engine like i described earlier)) *note i also have lots of batteries on it.
**if you start in winter you might want a chargin engine though because sun time isn t as abundant(slap all alternators on car truck and bike xD)
It weights about 7 tons but i still go over 150 km/h with just one big electic engine— which is enough in my opinion.

*edit: Doing so saved my life recently(maybe xD) when i went through a minefield (only had to replace 2 wheels)

The former Zombie Ram, before going out in a blaze of glory like a Shofixti Scout, actually had 12 solar panels. Indeed, partially why I had the gas engine was for the alternator for the reason you just stated, though I start in spring. It seems to rain/cloud in this region virtually every day.

For whatever reason, they seem to love targetting my gas tank and ignore everything else… And I rarely go above 48 kph in cities, maybe 80 outside.

And… well, I’ve yet to hit a mine thanks to perception, so for all we know, you just didn’t let the RNG see if he wanted to mess with you or not!

You ll not notice mines while riding your car afaik.

Once i randomly stoped my car in the wildernes cause for wahtever reason i decided to sleep NOW"!

i woke up to the sound of a zombi bear knocking on my door.

So i went out and bitchslaped that fucker arround till it droped dead… only then did i notice that my car was adjacent to a mine.(what are the chnces?? xD)

*when i start building a car i primary use it for the crafting rigs and so on. when i am done the energy is usualy charged up to 100%(when i finaly decide to drive arround for the first time)
So if you wanna drive asap you ll have to use an alternator to charge it faster yes.
**driving at 32 kph will not dmg your car when you ram into thins most of the time (like when you run over shrubs at taht speed nothing should happen )
*** i didn t test this w/o armorplating.

I’ve got a minesweeper on my ram. It’s saved my solars many times.

How does it work?

It seemed to me that only my wheels activate the mines (i could be wrong though)

thus did you attach wheels to your ram?

That reminds me of a magic trick. It’s called the Flaming Piñata of Death.

If you ever see a flaming eye, or see the message “A piercing beam of light bursts forth!” you get right the hell out of there as fast as possible. That’s how you evade them. Make a note on the map where they are. Find a missile silo.

I just move towards the eye and hack it to death.
Does it even do anything besides ruining the landscape?

[quote=“Murphy, post:15, topic:8143”]I just move towards the eye and hack it to death.
Does it even do anything besides ruining the landscape?[/quote]

It can give you teleportititus.

[quote=“Murphy, post:15, topic:8143”]I just move towards the eye and hack it to death.
Does it even do anything besides ruining the landscape?[/quote]

It does do stuff, but I do the same thing :slight_smile: