Flaming Eyes

Well the basis is simple enough, but what throws me off about the whole ‘flaming eye’ thing is what exactly they’re doing when they flash blinding rays of destruction at you. They always seem to know exactly where you are (at least the attack does) and while it will blast through walls and make gravel out of roads, the ray doesn’t seem to have any physical effect on entities.

What exactly is happening here? Is this a limitation via code or is this how it’s supposed to work? If so, what is it even doing?

It’s not on par with the destruction that they cause to inanimate objects, but I recall getting completely blinded for several turns once by the flaming eye.

They should no longer cause destruction. Kevin nerfed them not long ago, because ray of wrecking all terrain and vehicles (that leaves monsters untouched) was pure annoyance that nobody will miss. Maybe except people who cheesed it to destroy banks and bunkers.

Cool. Might be handy for artifacts that attract nether attention, since I pretty much avoid those since a flaming eye appearing in any of my constructed sites will be agony.

So what do they do now instead of rays of destruction?

Longer range teleglow

Now wondering if welding goggles would protect against the blinding effect…
Might even blind yourself on purpose with a blindfold and use it like a flashlight, taking it off every now and then to get a glimpse of the surroundings!

If I recall correctly, the idea of flaming eyes is that there is a whole nether beast there but only its eye reaches into our world. The ray of destruction is it trying to “touch” us. Because it’s from the netherworld, however, it leaves destruction in its wake instead.

Flaming Eye: Touch pokes you

A beast that is trying to touch us with a ray of destruction from its eye…ya know that sounds awfully familiar…