Thank You

Only dwarf fortress have amazed me as much as your work and the progress towards your goals. Alas it still falls short to Cataclysm:DDA with it’s Adventure Mode. There’s a long road ahead of you, and much potential of this game that remains untapped. What already is in place gives me enjoyment and leaves me in awe. What will come will haunt the future generations of gamers with these very same feelings for ages yet to arrive at our doorsteps.

They will look upon your work and marvel at the beauty of it’s simplicity, with gleaming eyes they will gaze at the hidden complexity. And they will live, relive and survive their adventures in the apocalypse and worlds that haven’t yet been designed or dreamed of. They won’t know your names, they won’t personally give you thanks, but they will look up at their scrap metal idols when recovering from their infected bites and they will wonder about these nameless gods who created the world so ruthless in shaping their strengths and will of survival.

So now, in their name, I give thanks to you all and those yet to contribute. For this community and the cooperation of free and selfless individuals shows why mankind deserved to survive, conquer nature and shape our reality with our very willpower and minds.

You all are a bunch of amazing, handsome bastards. May Code Gods speed your typing fingers and Congratulations.

You good writing madaf—

That was a good read.

I… I don’t even know what to say… this is something else :stuck_out_tongue:



Seek serious help.
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Ohhh Ina, sometimes you are fun :3

You so loveable inadequate.
I will add this to the collection.

You’re most certainly welcome!

Posts like this always give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Sheds a manly tear.

For lack of being able to say it any better: Ditto.

Fuck off.

Feels honored to be a part of the forums