Tent set up time in the wilderness

Hi there.

In RL i like to camp in the wilderness with my tent. There are tents in the game too, on normal and one big tent. Cool thing, but my concern is about the time it takes to build it up in the game.
Its placed in one second…
RL time it takes for me to set up my small tent is about 15 min.
I guess a “big” tent will take 30 min.

Is it possible to tweak the time it takes to set up a tent ingame for more RL values?!

I first clicked on this and assumed it would be someone complaining about it taking an hour to build one in faction camps. :smiley:

On one hand, pitching a tent can take quite awhile if you’re alone and don’t know what you’re doing. On the other, it doesn’t take much time at all if you have help and experience.

Yes, but even if you have experience, it takes time to set up a tent right.
Its unrealistic for me that in game it takes only one second :grin:

I think I need to change tent placement to a construction task anyway.
Its part of the deal in turning camp upgrades into real-time tasks instead of instant placement.

The problem is that NPCs dont know how to activate and place tents, but they do know how to do construction tasks.

So this will probably happen, or ill teach them to place tents by activating the item and make the tent placement take time, one of the two things will happen eventually.

If you ask me, i like the way tent set up is now.
But the point with the npc’s makes sense…
I hope it dont gets to complicated to set up a tent in the wilderness :slightly_smiling_face:

Will there be a fail condition, where they end up cocooning themselves in it if construction goes horribly wrong? :smile:

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I always imagined that it’s a pop up tent, you just throw it at the ground and plop, it’s there.

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