Questions about how to start the faction camp

I got 2 NPCs from wandering through the town and a military outpost. Thought I did start a camp, and also got as much large tents as i could from a campsite. However when I ask a NPC to build a camp over a region and then look for the “first” upgrade of the northeast camp, it says I dont have a large tent even when I have like 4.

My build is like 2-3 days old, I am on experimental. I hope this helps. Please guide me how to make a faction camp.

I think you have to make an unsorted loot zone, and put the tents in there? I know you have to use zones to designate piles of objects, or they’ll assume they’re off-limits.

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sorta like how you have you designate stockpiles in DF and Rimworld?

Yeah, sort of like that.