Tempered armor or tempered weapon?

I have the book and skill for both, but they take so long to make and my hardware processes time slowly, I’m thinking of moving into a cabin or anything else isolated from most other AIs, I only hope I don’t get bored out of my mind staring at the screen.

But anyway. Which would be more useful? The tempred weapon or armor? Armour is of course the full suit of it, while the weapon might be broadsword or a longsword since I have Fencing and Barbaran Montante. So, which one would you guys recommend?

armor, The heavy tempered armour makes you immune even against hulks.

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Huh. Is there a Survivor variant to the tempered suit? I fear there’d be too many shocker types or even acids by the time I complete it. Or I guess I should rely on normal layer protections for that?

as I was told earlier, zombie mutations are purely random-and therefore which zombies you will have in the majority is a matter of your luck. Personally, I had a game where every 10 zombies was a burning fat man…
in any case, I recommend going to the laboratory-zombie scientists do not mutate, as I noticed, so laboratories (not counting robots, turrets, zombie military and bio operatives) are safe. there you can find military barracks quite safely, along with a lot of chemicals, in which you can get not the smallest amount of ammunition, weapons and even Kevlar, if you are lucky enough to disassemble a couple of zombies. I don’t know what about bionics, I’m on stable versions and it’s still spawning in labs. if you do not take into account the shogot who accidentally escaped from the cage-a cleaned laboratory is the safest thing in the world, like a bunker, so this is a good base.

as for which is better: armor or weapons, I will choose weapons. it is worth understanding that heavy armor slows down the player very much, and therefore it is almost impossible to escape from something. meet 5 wasps-it’s death. therefore, you need to make an average booking supplemented by dexterity. my favorite choice is mutations and bilnik. full body coverage is like bionics, spider mutations for the sake of durable chitin, or micus, although its mutation turbidity, unlike a spider, removes speed.
anything that can quickly kill even a strong zombie is fine.