Okay so this armored zombie

i just pegged him in the chest with a grenade… and somehow that did no damage? how beefy ARE these guys?

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The answer is very. And they should be given you can get power armour off them. Not that power armour has ever been wearable by a single one of my characters that’s ever found it. Have beaten them to death with fisticuffs though.

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after downing him with a couple .50 cal shots, he did not have power armor.

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If I remember correctly, they drop power armor most of the time, but not all the time.

he did drop a few mechanical parts, so its entirely possible that my .50 cal shredded it XD

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I couldn’t get through armor with a gun. So I just ran it down with a spiked ram. I just pray I don’t cross paths with one some place I can’t take a vehicle. I lean waaay too hard on vehicles.

just stand above it (stairs or rooftop) and start beating it with a high bashing weapon (mace or hulligan bar) and slowly wear them down from safety.

thats cheesin the system though, you can do that with anything.

You need to get hold of a really beefy gun for those really nasty enemies (I use a bow for anything I can’t mow down outside, but have a really beefy gun as a backup when things get hairy. Ammo takes a long time to craft though, which is an effective deterrence against overuse).

ahahahha! you probably didnt see the other post i made, i’ve got my base set up in a military base, i’ve got guns for days, and the armory has probably like 500 .50 cal ammo in it, i regularly carry a .50 cal rifle as a backup weapon… problem is its forced into 1 bullet per reload, so if somethings within spitting distance of me i usually get whacked around a fair bit. (its also got a silencer… but its loud enough to make your ears ring still.)

my main gun’s a m4a1 with all the specials, acog scope, laser, forward grip, silencer, and i carry around 50 round mags with me at all times (usually 4, with extra loose ammo.)… for funsies sometimes i put the m203 launcher on it.

oh and if i find any buggers that i cant take out with the .50 cal… i DO have a TOW missile launcher or two… or three…

i was just suprised he took a grenade square to the chest and didnt feel it.

Well, my comment was really aimed at Yarnosh, although I readily admit I don’t recall who’s posted about what inventories.

A heavy rail rifle has been good enough for everything I’ve tried it on (a dozen Shoggoths took a number of days, though, because of the ammo crafting required).

ammo crafting certainly looks like a pain, for sure… if i didnt have so much .223 for the rifles i have, i’d consider using the coilgun, cause it uses nails, has a burst of 10 shots, pretty low aim time… horrific damage though, no penetration.

… i might have to make a rail rifle for myself though just to attach it to my vehicle… cause rebar aint that hard to make, just takes a long time.

I remember that one time I took one down with martial arts. Switched style to Judo and the poor thing pretty much didn’t manage to hit me a single time until it died, after a long Tom & Jerry style treatment.


I think armored zombies can also be killed by fire and chain lightning CBM.
I’ve killed one (by chain lightning IIRC), but it didn’t drop any armor.
Not sure about acid, armor can make them immune, the same for tazers.

that makes me wonder… seince their main thing is that they’re wearing power armor… shouldn’t an EMP or scrambler grenade work on them?

Armored zombies are not robots, they are just wearing (unpowered) power armor and have the same defensive stats as a player in said armor. EMP/scrambler grenades don’t harm a player’s defense in unpowered power armor, so there is no reason for them to do anything to armored zombies either.

well one assumes that the zombie was in-combat while he died, and then it would be powered power armor… but yeah i suppose if it was powered its less likely that he would have died and become a zombie.

emp grenades DO zap your bionic power, (though not much) which if you have the power armor interface cbm, yadda yadda yadda…

it’d just be cool to have an alternative method to fight them, like, throw an EMP grenade to temporarily lock them down so you can either get close safely or run away.

I found a room full of these guys in the basement of a national guard base (not sure if in game anymore ) and tossed a brick of c4 into the room and it did nothing to them (wrecked the room quite well though). in my current game i hit one once with a 50cal mg and it went down.

Also where the hell did you find a tow missile launcher? never seen one yet

You can find them in military bases and as rarer spawns in lab barracks and military halipats armories. I think it is the same for rockets but then i remembered that i once found a rocket in a flowerpot in a house.

its specifically in the armory of the military base, yeah, i chose the CRIT mod’s ‘overwhelmed’ start, where you start in the warehouse of the military base with no weapons (theres tools that count as weapons, like the halligan bar) but a full warehouse of stuff to use including food for years (… it mostly spoils before you can eat it though, which i think is more an issue with the current food system than anything.)