Team inventory and or swagbag. (Food Management)

I really want a mod that allows me to have a group invintory. a swag bag for the team. mostly for the food distribution. because handing 6 people food every other day is getting old fast. If you could make it for me that would be the bestest. If you can direct me on where to go to create that i’d be happy with that too. especally if you could let me know how to get my npc’s to refill their water jugs from my fresh water supply instead of me having to do it.

fyi there is an option to turn off npc needs because it’s just senseless micromanagement.

The actual problem is that NPCs are incapable of self-maintenance, and lacking in personality.

As my team grows I find myself needing more and more food to keep us all healthy. Personally I see them as a long term need. Its important to have friends. Watching the six of them use their makeshift glavies to chop things down faster than I can on my own is also rewarding. The goal I’ve given myself is to take my team and secure the mall (90% done) and fence off the slime pit on the back side of the mall. I find the farm I built supper helpful for this goal. Their needs give me new goals for equipping them and myself. I find their needs helpful for growing my goals for building a town. If I could refill their water containers while they are still holding them i’d love that.