Tattered Apparel Loses All Stats

As armor and clothes are worn out, they lose protection values. I feel like it’d only make sense if they started to lose their other values too - warmth in particular, but also to a lesser extent encumbrance. If there’s less material there, it’s not going to get in the way as much. Kind of a silver lining to an otherwise dark cloud, and one that isn’t really worth it. But it’s somewhat realistic.

Less warmth - yes, makes sense.

Less encumbrance sounds like far more trouble than any possible gain.
This would result in stupid tricks like dunking backpacks in acid to get the best set of armor.
Also, many armors would have to increase encumbrance rather than decrease it when damaged. Plate armors, anything on eyes etc.

Less coverage would only make weak armor even weaker.
However a cap on coverage could be fine. For example, any armor lightly damaged armor could have a cap of 90% coverage and tattered armor only 60%, but armor that has less than that would keep its original coverage. This would not affect low coverage armors (good), while affecting the high coverage ones (also good).

Less storage would be incredibly annoying, so no.

Any other values I missed?

Is the money value currently affected?

I don’t think item quality affects sell value currently, no.

Capped encumbrance, warmth reduction, and value reduction all make sense.

Now…what about environmental protection, is that affected by condition? I would assume a hazmat suit shot full of holes would be less useful.

Also, flags. Rainproof and waterproof come to mind as flags that might lose their effects at a certain point.

There’s a lot of extra variables than I had originally considered. This still seems like something worth doing though.

I’m pretty sure value is changed by the quality of the item, but I’m not sure. I don’t think items like hazmat suits lose environmental protection but they really should. Especially something like an enclosed environment suit. Makes the armored version a lot more viable; get the civilian version damaged and bam, like all of the environmental stuff is gone.

Not sure what to suggest on flags but at some point yeah, they should go away. Maybe like, two condition tiers in? That’d be when most things would lost their water-proof-ness and such.

perhaphs the ability tof it something better… with a really high tailor skill

I feel like the model to follow for a lot of these properties is to cap them based on damage level, a torn item can’t possibly be waterproof or have total environmental protection, OTOH water friendliness is more based on the type of material, and should be unaffected by damage to the item.