Targetting - why rurple prior red or grey?

when i Fire - autotargetter first catch exactly purple (or neutral-like like mi-go) targets and i need to target my weapon by myself. and then, after purples - autotargetter, though reluctantly, to aim my gun at the red targets. “red” i mean enemy-targets, not neutral.

is it a normal?
in the underground vault (which lies under the city with two bomb-craters) i may have sityation when near me is Old_Guard soldiers and around us - many Wanderers. and autotargetter, catch Old_Guard soldiers first. not, but so that as well ???!!!

how this situation may be fixed?
only with disabling of the autotargetter?

Pretty sure autoaim locks to the closest target first. I believe if you use the < > keys you should be able to cycle targets without having to manually aim.

I prefer to manually adjust my aim. the autolock system hinders firing when faced with large crowds