Problems with aiming, switching targets

  1. Can’t aim without at anything but a visible NPC/monster. For example, targets seen in IR and gas tanks.

  2. Aiming at one target breaks aiming at any other target. Both as in “reduces steadiness” and as in “aiming system stops responding”. After aiming at an empty tile, steadying aim command is ignored and takes no time.

  3. Hearing a sound or otherwise getting a prompt during aiming with the aim command will break aim and retarget to a different (last shot? closest?) target.

Also, the aiming system has a weird opinion of what to shoot first. I want to shoot the dragonfly my NPCs are swatting, not that giant spider outside my vision!

Will look into that, it’s an oversight. What do you mean “Gas tanks”?

The first effect is intended, if you switch your aim to a new target, you’ll need to re-settle your aim.
Second issue is a reproducible bug, thanks.

Thanks, will look into it.

Vehicle parts. Shooting gas tanks is a relatively niche tactic, but I think it’s a good example of unconventional firearm usage.