NPC's Turning To Face You Before Their Weapons Stop Firing

See, last I checked, it’s typically important that you allow the burst of your automatic weapon to finish BEFORE you turn and face whoever is standing beside or behind you. The NPC’s apparently haven’t made this distinction, and the zombear that I was hiding behind him to shield myself from became the least of my worries as the majority of an Uzi’s clip emptied directly into my cranial cavity. It ended about as well as you’d expect.

I’m going to assume that this is the result of the targeting system assuming that, because it is both in the process of firing with nothing to shoot at and that the entity is aware of the player, that the two are directly related and auto-corrects itself, thereby designating YOU the target instead of the area that the last target was in. The result: if the first bullet in a burst kills whatever they were shooting, anything else in range instantly becomes the next target, regardless of its relationship with them. While this could result in some hilarious loyalty cascading in a room full of NPC’s, it is a bug nonetheless. Although a somewhat amusing one to picture.

“DIEBEARDIE okay lets resume traaad…ing. Oh. Uh…”

At least he got something of a profit out of our exchange. Just a bit.

Just had this happen with an American-180, holy damn they have long bursts.

I had this happen as well. I think whats happening is the NPC has burst mode on or something and because while in burst mode, you automatically switch to the next available target when whatever your shooting at dies, the NPCs automatically switch to you if you are the only available target.

I am pretty sure this has been around for a while, and I have experienced the same problem. Go for a full auto burst of about 30 rounds on the zombies around me, and it targets 1 zombie, then the second, then my guy decides to turn insane, and pull a full 360 and blow the brains out of a nearby NPC that wasn’t hostile, and that was a lot further away than the zombies.

I personally think that the targeting system at the very basic should target those closest to you, and then the next target it aims at should be the next closest, and so on. This is a bit related but it still ties into the targeting system. And I hate wasting 100 rounds of ammo on a zombie at my max range when I started the burst on the zombie beside me, and my gun decided to waste it’s ammo sniping the guy across the way instead of killing the horde beside me.

It should also take into account whether the targets are friendly/neutral or not with a preference for hostile targets. (unless you have the psychotic trait in which case it would simply pick the next closest without taking disposition into account.)