Help with self-targeting turrets and their nasty habit of targeting me

I’ve looked through similar topics and have yet to find a solution, perhaps you fine folks can help me?

I have an armored personnel carrier that I’ve heavily modified into a little armored RV. Currently, it has a browning mounted on top. The thing is an absolute terror when manually fired, but I’m having problems during my experimentations with automatic targeting. At the moment if I set it to auto-target I get a message telling me that the turret aims at me and lets out a warning beep (Thankfully I’m in the driver seat and unreachable). This happens even if the vehicle is surrounded by undead.

I assume this has something to do with the fact that this is a military vehicle. Is there any way for me to register myself to it? It’s not super urgent right now, but I’d like to understand the process better for when I attach something lighter in the future.

I’m not running any mods that alter how turrets work (as far as I’m aware).

Thanks in advance for any help.

You’re in the way of its target and so it emits a warning beep to let you know. Just move out of the way or position the vehicle in a way that the turret can attack its target. A warning beep is nothing to be concerned about. Just watch out for when stray attacks hit you! :slight_smile:

Another solution is to install the turrent on top of your seat (eg driver’s seat) or wherever you usually sit. Before, my NPC would constant get in the way of the turrent and get laser damage. Now I just install the turret where he sits.

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Make sure your driver’s seat is listed as “interior” on the vehicle screen, too. If your door is open or there’s a board/windshield/etc missing, the tile may be listed as “exterior” and turrets won’t be able to shoot over you.

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Oh! I thought the warning beep was like a “Back off or I’ll shoot!” Kinda beep. I guess it’s my mistake assuming turrets in CDDA would be so polite.

Looking at it… It does appear that the driver cabin is considered exterior. This would also explain the occasional “wind makes body part chilled” message.

Thank you all very much. I’d have never figured that out on my own.

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