Tanks' problems

I am playng with the vehicle addition pack and Tanks and other vehicles mod.

Tanks are friggin’ awesome. I just found a light tank while driving around with my mobile gun sistem, and it’s huge. Can’t wait to see the other one. (I know there is a third one besides the Mobile Gun Sistem and the Light Tank). Anyway, before this, I found a Chicken Walker. From the description, I presume it’s pretty big. I got frightened, and decided it’s better using too much fire power than not enough. So I ran inside my Mobile Gun Sistem and shooted with the 50. cal. I had more than 200 rounds so I can go full auto with no worries. I was at 13 tiles of distance, shooting with a heavy machine gun attached to a military vehicle, my character has 16 strenght ( which improves recoil management) and 14 dexterity and perception, 11 rifles and 8 markmanship, plus targeting sistem CBM. I shooted 25 times. I hit once. See the problem?
I think it’s probably because of the recoil. I could barely understand it if I was hand operating the Browning 50.cal, but it was welded to a 3 tons vehicle. It shouldn’t kick like that. Also, when shooting a mounted weapon cases fly all over the place and if you attach a brass catcher to a weapon the game won’t allow you to weld it to a vehicle.

Second (minor problem). I see the light tank weights little more than 10 tons. Ok, it’s ‘‘light’’, but even then, 10 tons are a little too light. My real problem with this is that after I salvaged all the treads from it, it lost like 40% of it’s weight. Is it realistic that nearly half of a tank weight is due to treads? And the main body is barely 6 tons?
To have some comparison: the modern USA battle tank, the M1 Abrams, weights 55 tons, while the PL-01, a polish light tank, weights 30 tons.

I would fix this my self, but I have no idea where to start or even how to program. I would suggest coding in things like '‘military frame’, or ‘‘military quarterpanel’’. Super heavy, super resistant, and maybe not craftable. But if craftable, extremely resource demanding.

I suggest re-posting this in the mod thread for the tanks.

Hnng. And this is why I check the garage fairly often.

Recoil is still based off the weapon’s stats, so it’s gonna be hard to hit in any form. Blaze’s mod does have weird stats for the special turret versions, but MOST of these are from the false assumption that item volume controls recoils and dispersion, for some insane reason.

As for the weight? Yes, I know. Blaze made the treads so heavy, but while I tried to get the weight, size, and speed ranges close to realistic, you can only do so much to add to the weight before you have to expand to a bigger floor plan, and more engines to compensate.

I would hope that in terms of SIZE they’re at least in acceptable ranges?

Recoil is still based off the weapon's stats, so it's gonna be hard to hit in any form. Blaze's mod does have weird stats for the special turret versions, but MOST of these are from the false assumption that item volume controls recoils and dispersion, for some insane reason.
I assure you that I didn't make that assumption without testing it thoroughly.

Try a storm bolter turret, then try again with its volume set to 1000. It can’t hit the side of a barn. It’s the main reason why I separated the frame and gun.

It makes absolutely no sense, I have no idea why it happens, but it does. Poring over the NPC code revealed nothing; I can only assume that NPCs accuracy is affected by volume somehow.

Treads were made heavy because I had to balance them vs the roller drum. The Roller Drum has 1 durability per 100 weight. Tank Treads have 1 durability per 84 weight.

I checked the volume’s effect on accuracy. Yep, it does have one:

if (range < int(weapon.type->volume / 3) && curammo->ammo->type != "shot") {
    total_dispersion *= double(weapon.type->volume / 3) / double(range);

Wait, it DOES? Oh that is some serious shenanigans…

To translate, ‘at very close range large weapons have trouble aiming’.
I wouldn’t have a problem with that particular check simply disappearing or being replaced by a loss of aim when a targeted monster moves, which is what it’s really trying to track.

In any case, I’ve had no trouble scoring hits with the driver’s gun at decent range, with mediocre stats and skills. No idea what’s causing your character to do an ork impression. :V

Do they really need to be balanced against one another that way though? I mean you would expect treads to be more efficient since they’re actually designed to let an armored vehicle cruise around, while the drums would be a lot heavier and more impractical but with the bonus of ultra-squashing whatever they hit.

That is EXTRA shenanigans.