Need to get my tank(ing) on

Tank tracks. We needs em with all of the wrecks on the roadways.

| |
| |
| |
| |

X = drive wheels
| = combo of suspension wheels and treads

This would be a huge resource sink requiring many parts to make the links to the treads.

Benefits: Extremely durable, allows driving OVER wrecks on the road with minimal damage to your vehicle (significant damage to the other vehicle however)

Cons: Expensive resource wise, extremely difficult to repair, coding might be ‘impossible’ as it stands.

I’m an avid WWII history buff and I regularly play World of Tanks and have visited many museums to see tanks in person so this is all coming from my inherent NEED for armored vehicles in any game I play.

You’re allowed to simply ignore this ^.^

And there should be legit tanks at FEMA camps/military bases, that shoot explosives etc

hell, i’m alright if they don’t even put tanks in the game per say. i’ll make my own if given the chance! i’ve already made a Bradley-like vehicle with 3 mg turrets on it for effect. it was SWEET…until a hulk got too close to me >.>


Cons: Expensive resource wise, extremely difficult to repair, coding might be 'impossible' as it stands.

Add fuel consuption due weight increase and need for larger motor for same efficiency & slower safe/top speed - and treads detoriating on use = need quite constant maintaince and resources and time. That would be very limiting factor offsetting the great benefits perfectly.

Coding wise I dont see why this could not be done.

Treads don’t break on use per se. However you could throw a tread if you turn too fast or something manages to damage them-- but I don’t see anything barring impact with a hulk even denting them otherwise. They’re remarkably resilient y’know? One of the reasons they have them on the outside of tanks is so they can shield the main hull.

Throwing a tread would be a hell of a repair job though. Still, I’ve wanted tanks and treads in for ages. We could have bulldozers public works sites and tractors at farms.

So yes, shut up and take my money.

Note: the treads are still intact. Jeez, why do people think they’re so weak? really? Yes, they would be a pain to maintain and fix if they broke but still ~.~ and any tanks should really come with a few track links spare.

Mostly because they are weaker then the armor. Oh and WWII movies.

Throwing a track would be your biggest hurdle. how about the more debris you drive over the higher the chance to throw one? or just a set chance? (maybe based on the size of the drive wheels, the larger they are the more surface they occupy thereby reducing the chance of a track slipping off?)

and I like the safe driving speed for the engine also affecting tracks with the chance to dislodge a link at high speed or one slipping off and needing to be put back on.

weight would already be a factor because vehicles already account for weight with reduced speed and increased gas usage.

-throws my money-

Take all of the moniez I want to run zombies over with a tank now.