Tanks of vehicles

sometimes i wanna know how much fuel or water i have aboard but i cant because examination of vehicle is giving only percents but not units. for example i had 2 fuel tanks wielded and i add one more. so i had 27% of gasoline and now i have something about 19%. so now i have 19% of volume of tanks but is it enought or not for my way? i can see fuel usage in units and i can see tanks in percents. how can i see quantity of water, gas, diesel, battery or plutonium in units, not in percents only?

Well you could temporally turn on debug mode ‘~’ and that will display fuel as units… (you don’t want to keep debug mode on however…)

Nope, vehicles don’t have that kind of readout because the sensors used aren’t calibrated carefully enough to get a real reading on fuel volume.

^^ much like any vehicle you find today Catta vehicles have no display that tells EXACTLY how much is in them, only a fuel gauge that has an E-F meter.

And you need to read the car’s manual to learn how much a full tank stands for, then do some guesstimates.
Similarly in cata: a tank can store y, you got z tanks, xx% means j=zyxx/100 units of fuel.

[quote=“jcd, post:5, topic:10660”]…need to read the car’s manual to learn how much a full tank stands for, then do some guesstimates.
Similarly in cata: a tank can store y, you got z tanks, xx% means j=zyxx/100 units of fuel.[/quote]

jcd, i have many tanks and making changes so often and i have a big personnel carrier so i can’t check every time quantity of tanks aboard) but anyway, thax for mathematic)

thanx to all)

hmmm. you think any of them have gone digital? Even digital is not 100% accurate, and they always low ball it a little bit for those that try to run it dry for no reason… but, might make sense to assume most cars in the future have digital readouts for fuel, sensors etc. Unless society regressed towards a soviet kind of thing where car drive you.

There have been cars that had fairly good estimates of remaining fuel (and even approximate driving range based on that and recent recent gas mileage) for almost 20 ears, that I know of. Sure, the early ones were luxury cars, but those features are slowly working their way down the chain.

agreed. Though 20 years seems like a bit of an exaggeration.

We have a 2004 Ford Taurus with a readout that will tell you approximately how many miles to ‘E’, your estimated miles per gallon, and an assortment of other highly-detailed and usually fairly accurate numbers regarding fuel consumption.

That’s more than ten years old, in a bog-standard four-door family sedan. If it started out in luxury cars, I’d say that twenty years seems perfectly believable.

Y’know I can understand the reason for knowing exactly how much fuel you have left, but I find the E…F Gauge much more charming from a playstyle perspective, although it tends to get a bit wacky when you start stacking multiple fuel tanks. For that we could use multiple readouts (a finer grain could be possible but that would seem harder to implement.

Would be nice if we could reroute and pump fuel from/to certain tanks – i.e storage priority. Your internal tanks should be fine in most cases, but say you’ve got a wide vehicle with external tanks on the sides-- might be nice for those to drain first, then the ones at the back, then the internals for example.

many larger vehicles have multiple tanks. My old 97 F-250 had 2. Typically they have a little flip switch that switches tanks. The E…F gauge pulls the readout from whatever the active tank is. I don’t see why it could not be done like this in Cata. Think it would be best from a play style perspective however if (e)xamining the vehicle showed a list of tanks and their percentages though and/or total fuel.