Is this normal?

Hey guys,
I have had 3 chars so far that have gotten a hold of vehicles. The first one had a motorcycle that I had to refill with gas constantly. The next two I had flatbed trucks that I drove to nearest gas station to refuel. However, the tank only filled up to 50% capacity of on both trucks and they never use up even 1% of gas. Is this kind of fuel mileage normal? I am using the .6 dev version BTW.

When exactly was your version from? It was recently discovered that there was a bug where cars don’t properly remove fuel for cars with more then one tank, and a fix only went in for it in the last few days.

According to Chrome, I dl’ed the dev version on June 1st. Also, neither of the trucks had more than one tank. At first I thought that it was because Truck 1 had a heavily damaged tank, but Truck 2 had a lightly damaged tank and had the same problem.

Flatbed trucks by default have 2 gas tanks (one on each side IIRC) so unless you removed them they would automatically come with two.

And IIRC the fix went in on like the 2nd or 3rd, so you probably don’t have it.

Ah I see. I never noticed and I only ever saw the fuel tank on the right. Also, what exactly is the fuel usage stat (I forget what it exactly is called) on the bottom left? Is it MPG or per turn?

On 0.5 official it happened that when I didn’t fill a tank or a welder completely it didn’t use fuel/energy.

It’s fuel usage per “thrust” actually at the moment (which is a horrible method). Basically every time the game calls the “thrust” function to accelerate your car then it burns that much fuel (with extra if you are straining your engine).