Switching between currently displayed fuel types

suggest hotkey for switching fuel gauge between different available fuel types

for example - while ago i have two cars, one with electric engine (powered by solar panels) and hydrogen tank for plasma turret, and second with gasoline engine/tank and additional water tank
for first car i can only see hydrogen level, which is no good for me since energy level more important
for second same thing, i can only see water tank level and not a gasoline one

so, abilty to switch between currently displayed fuel types will be really important and very handy

as possible addition - display energy level even for cars with combustion engine, as current level of car’s accumulator (storage batteries), it recharges when engine works, it uses to start engine and for additional devices like headlight, kitchen unit and possible others
possible others - ability to recharge some electrical devices, install mp3 player in car for constant moral boost while in car, cig lighter and so on…
if accumulator (storage battery) is dead (common thing for cars what you can find, as part of random damage level) - you can’t start engine even if car have fuel and first you will need to recharge it a bit with batteries
if while driving you broke accumulator but engine still works - you still can safely drive, but as soon engine stops - you can’t start it again without repairing AND recharging

it’s not that complicated as seems, but will add more depth for player’s relation with his/her vehicle, since in modern time and in such extreme situation vehicle can become the only friend and chance for surviving :slight_smile:

The fuel gauge displays all installed fuel types, simultaneously.

If you can’t see a type, that means it is obscured by a different type of fuel, with the two having the same charge level.