So this would probably be more of a mod than an in game feature but while playing Cataclysm today I opened a sentient canister of goo and realized that it was friendly instead of hostile. So I had a thought. “Huh, wouldn’t it be cool if you could tame certain creatures?” Like newbie survivors could maybe have a dog/cat/squirrel or another creature. And Further on survivors could possibly have bears or moose. Some creatures would even aid in combat. Maybe even robots can be rewired if your skills are high enough. Some creatures would be unable to be killed though. Such as Mi-Go, Zombies, and other constant hostile monsters like that. Maybe you could even craft saddles to use on the bigger pets like bears and have it act as a vehicle somehow? It would be a complex addition so Im not sure about that. But this was just an idea I had. Tell me what you think!

Some of this is already in the experimentals! If you (a)ctivate a can of dogfood or cat food on a dog or cat (respectively, duh) and you get a friendly pet. You can even attach storage bags to them, tie them in place, or put them in a pet carrier (turning them into a storable inventory item). They’re admittedly not hugely useful, and currently will explode if you try to drive them in your car, but hey.

Similarly you can get control of a lot of robots with a control laptop (crafted with a laptop, a hackPro, and some other stuff at high electronics level), which turns them friendly. Not sure if they follow you around or not.

And on top of that, turrets and manhacks can be found inactive (or disabled with EMP) and activated or deactivated to have them friendly.

And zombie slaves.

It could use some expansion, tough. Like you can’t get friendly fox or coyote.

But you can let an insect inject you with babies, and after they consume you and emerge from your body like chestbusters you have a 33% chance of having a friendly insect.

and blobs can be freed from canisters for a small percentage to make the friendly small blobs.

And adding in monster spawning items would allow you a chance at friendly animals. But I dont think you can control them in any meaningful way.

omg. that’s actually incredible. it’s the attention to detail in this game that I just love <3

will explode if you try to drive them in your car, but hey.

I still morn fluffy.

thats what the pet carriers are for

Place pet in it
put in car

hey presto no killing pets :slight_smile: