Taming animals

what if there was a taming process that involved /pet, /feed, /train commands of some kind. a couple pet bears would be super cool to be able to have following you into unknown territory. this would of course be balanced by HAVING to keep them properly fed, trained, medicated and a high moral so that they don’t turn on you.

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I want this for npcs first. They do not eat or have any other humanly needs. This then the pets can use parts of the npc system.

I have some good ideas on how to do this stuff and may be implementing some rudimentary taming (after I’m done with z-levels).
For one, it would be cool to feed dogs and cats with real food items rather than some magical dog/cat taming food.

Currently pets are kinda useless because they are suicidal, can’t be healed and pretty much only just attack. It will take some AI enhancements to make them properly do things like leading zombies away, mauling corpses so that they don’t raise back, fetching small items you point at etc.

It would be cool if there were certain things that ONLY an animal would be able to do(unless you have a very specific CBM or mutation maybe). things like, having a trained rat that can scout for you, or can scamper through grates or prison bars and find keys, etc. if there was some kind of psionic mutation then you could even concievably directly control the pet.

Small note, but no psionics per dev fiat. That said something like this might be an option for heavily mutated post-threshold mutants (i.e., a heavy rat mutant might be able to somewhat communicate with rats).

ahhh, kk