A man, his truck and his dog

So, I just managed to recon a vehicle and gas it up. As I chug across the countryside, I’m met with the chipper bark of a dog. This emaciated creature, lost in the apocalypse looks to me for a scrap of food, a warm place to sleep and my companionship. Should I choose to take this loveable scoundrel in then…what? Do I leave my truck and escourt him several miles through dangerous territory? Or do I hope he’ll follow me and just drive off?

The nitty gritty: Is there any plan for NPC’s, not just pets but NPC’s to accompany the player in his or her vehicle? If so, how soon and if not I’d like to know if it would ever be possible. As a side note, has a naming and ‘training’ element for pets been discussed? IE teaching your blob how to roll over an item, take it into its mass, roll back to you and drop it. Or alternatively, training your dog to watch a defined space and bark when something like a zed or giant creature comes near.

Or, or how about training your duck to use an RPG, effectively creating duck rambo, but I’m getting ahead of myself here. An even sidier side note is, what would be the possibility of mutating your pets? IE slipping mutagen into their food to make monster mutt or breeding the perfect, fire breathing, three headed hell hounds.

Well all of the inside of your car is, well, inside and can carry you along so the code is there… unfortunately monsters, dogs, npc don’t use that code at the moment as far as I know… tested subjects 1, 2 and 4 exploded in the passenger seat for science, subject 3 refused to get in and was run over for intelligence in the presence of science!

On your side notes about training/mutating animals I don’t thing they’ll get in any time soon. But then I could be wrong, who knows?

Perhaps we need a dog cage.

A pet carrier could work, couldn’t it?

Last time I loaded up a military truck with npcs they started stabbing me as I drove with them sitting on the doors.

I loaded up my flatbed truck with NPC’s and one of them started bashing me with his baseball bat. I stopped and hopped out of the car , but the NPC wasn’t hostile. Also i think it’s possible to get tamed dogs to drive with you in the car , they just have to be on a tile that is inside.