Dogs that act like NPCs

My idea is to create a dog NPC. I love the possibility of having a dog companion, although I found it impossible to do. Friendly dogs do not want to follow the player. A dog whistle should help but in reality it does not help at all. All dogs that I have tamed have disappeared somewhere. That is why I suggest to create a dog NPC. This should work as a very limited version of a NPC. Players should be able to:

  • change basic rules of engagement
  • change basic miscellaneous rules
  • feed a dog NPC
  • let it sleep
  • put a dog on guard

Players should have a chance to ‘talk’ to a dog after feeding it with a dog food. Then, players should be able to ‘recruit’ a dog just like they can recruit a NPC. There should be more than a single chance ‘to persuade’ a dog to follow us


cool idea, but lets be honest, since no one has updated the tamed animal AI i dont think someone would try this °n°.

On the bright side shouldnt it be possible if one makes an NPC template that uses the look alike option to make it look like a dog instead of a human, and then in the dialogue options just add or remove some, like “it seems hungry” you get a mission to bring it a dog food and boom, you are able to proceed to recruit it like any other NPC


Great idea Ragno. I do not care if it will be very sophisticated or very simple (as your example). In my opinion, having a dog NPC would change a lot in terms of gameplay. Hunting with dogs would be a lot easier than hunting alone. Moreover, since finding and recruiting NPCs is not so simple, an option to recruit a dog NPC would be a great advantage. Especially during the early game

I just want the cows I find early game to follow me man. Tamed things do follow at least, but only sometimes, and only then when the stars align, and lord only knows how long they’ll follow before they’re distracted by grass or something and stop following. A leash item that forces friendly animals to stay close would be great, a range of five or so tiles. Leashing tamed animals to a post that allows them to move would also be far more humane than tying their legs together and keeping them sessile.

I’d build a spot for the cows to roam but by the time it’s done they’ve wondered off somewhere and then I can’t find them, forcing me to either stay at a dairy farm or build a spot long before I get them.

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Yeah, the same thing with me. I want the horses that I have tamed to follow me. I always wanted to have a nomadic group of NPCs that use horses. Every time I find a NPC, I have to search for a horse. Usually it takes a lot of time to do that. It would be much much easier if gathering a few horses before searching for NPCs was possible

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It’s possible now in a way… if you don’t bar yourself from using vehicles. Or in your case, horse-drawn trailer or something.

Tame a few horses for the cart and you should be able to gather a few in the animal storing vehicle parts. Don’t really remember how much weight each horse can pull though.

I prefer to use horses rather than vehicles because vehicles are pain in the *** if you try a nomadic playstyle. All roads lead to Rome? Nope. Sometimes you have to go through a thick forest. A group of NPCs that use horses goes through such forest like a knife through butter. And the more riders you have, the more items you can carry. With help of a few NPCs, this is very fast and easy to build an overnight camp that provides all things that the whole group needs

it should be around 500lb because thats a horse power :D!.

Joke aside, animal drawn vehicles scale bad the more horses you have, its basically negligible, although i only tried with 2 horses

a dog has limited health and armor choice and NO WEAPONS so idk how much of a bonus we are talking about

it would be a cool feature nonetheless

one could create a “animal training” skill that can lv up with book only just like computer and with the higher skill have a higher chance to tame and train a dog in order to give him more commands

You can train computers without a book by messing around on hackable computers and failing/succeeding, it’s just not fast/feasible/sane.

On the note of them having no armour and weapons, you can make things for dogs to wear, kevlar, rain suit, etc, on weapons, unless we are able to mutate animals with mutagen somewhere in the future I agree that their limited capacity for damage is going to be hard to work with.

when I tried it last time i got showered by manhacks when i failed so yea… not really sane way to grind computer skill, better use a book

i didn’t say no armor, i said limited choice

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Every thing has its advantages and disadvantages. Since dogs have a limited choice of armor, players should not use them for fighting, although they can use them for hunting. My idea is based on the experience with UnReal World. In this game, players are able to buy a dog and hunt together. His barking shows where our pray is. Dogs chase our pray till it gets tired. Then, players can kill the game

One dog isn’t very effective a small horde of them is, at least to district the enemy while you get away.
They are indeed great for hunting being the easiest source of meat in the game.

Chihuahuas are great for drawing attention and can dodge very well if I remember correctly.

Though if you want easy sources of meat and fat simply go after a large dinosaur if you use the mod. The herbivores are weak enough and mostly slowly try to run away anyway. If all else fails you can simply run them over too. They’re not even mutants, so they give normal meat and stuff. Can almost guarantee that you won’t have enough refridgerated space for everything after full butcher.

i distinctly remember there being a ‘dog taming’ mod for cataclysm a while back, that would allow you to tame and train dogs… yeah! there it is: draco’s dog mod

you tame a dog, then train it until it becomes the doggo you want it to be, and then you armor it up and send it at enemies.