Taking items out of a cardboard box without unloading all/dropping to the floor?

Hello. Is there a way to take specific items out of a cardboard box without dropping them to the floor (with d) or unloading the whole box? As the box is too big to fit into inventory, I have to wield it. Since I am wielding it, neither the box nor its contents appear in the advanced inventory menu.

Additionally, is there a way to move wielded items into inventory?

And lastly, I have noticed that dropping items in inventory takes longer than just moving them via advanced inventory.

you can (un)wield something by just wielding it again through pressing w and selecting the item you’re wielding.

it will then prompt you to either put it in your inventory, drop it, or wear it (in the case of a weapon with a strap, for example.)

as for the cardboard box, I dunno… never thought to use it… I get the feeling its a holdover from when pockets didn’t exist, so it was the only ‘storage’ function for multiple items.

  • wield a container
  • select another worn container you want to put items in
  • 'i’nsert
  • select items from wielded container.
  • enter

What if I want to put some items into an adjacent warehouse shelf?

'D’rop? While wielding/wearing the container, of course.
add: AFAIK if you take something out of a container on the ground you can either put it in your inventory or wield it. No other options.

Warehouse shelves are impassable … But actually insert into another container could do the bulk of work.

Small “d” drops at your feet, capital “D” you choose a direction - simply choose the shelves.

  • Shane