How to take items from containers now?

As the title says, how does one take items from containers now?
Used to be that I could select a container in my inventory, hit i/instert and select items from other containers i.e. a credit card from a wallet.
The only way I can think of doing it now is to unload, say a wallet, into my inventory, go into my inventory and drop all the unwanted items.

You can still do the Inventory thing with [i]nsert that you mentioned, as far as I know, nothing has changed, unless one of today’s builds is broken.

Whether the container you’re taking items off of is in your inventory or on a ground tile surrounding you is irrelevant, as the game promptly shows you all tiles within 0 to 1 tile around your character, including your inventory.

Try to press a 'w’ield button and then select desired item. It can be in container near or under your character.