Is there a way to put objects into vehicles that you can not stand on?

I was wondering if there was a way to put objects into containers in vehicles if you can’t stand on them. The reason for this is I had the idea of using a food cart from a park for semi-nomadic play until I can get a car built. I did not see anyway to bring objects out of my inventory besides the drop command in the in-game help which places it directly under the character. The only idea I had was to purposefully encumber myself and remove and object from the vehicle then when it asks if I want to drop the item In my hand it might end up in the vehicle. It works with store shelves. However that is cumbersome and time consuming to fill 700 vol. of storage that way. If anyone knows a way to do this I would like to know.

Shift + d then any direction to drop

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You can use advanced inventory management in default it’s the “/” key.
The screen will be divided into two panel.
Then you choose which item location you see in with the 123456789, I, A, key. To choose betweenthe ground under a vehicle and the vehicle cargo use V key.
to transfer an item from a location to other use enter when selecting the item.
after finished use esc to close the window.

Wow, that is so useful. I can’t believe that such a neat tool has been under my nose for over a year and a half before I noticed it. Thank you.

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You could check the keybindings menu, there are lots of useful commands like that, or Vormithrax has plenty of videos that cover everything cataclysm has to offer.

I just stumbled across his video when looking for tutorials for advanced inventory management. I started marathoning his videos. I just finished watching 3 of his cataclysm university and 50 of his quick tip videos. I originally taught myself with the wiki but Vormithrax has much easier to understand content. One thing I noticed is that in his video the UI for the tiles version is a lot nicer than the UI I had for the ASCII/ANSI version. It opened menus in a way that did not fill the whole window. It also displayed book and inventory information in a more useful way. In the ASCII version I was using I had to examine objects to display their volume. However, in Vormiithrax’s videos that information is displayed in a separate column on the same row as the relevant item. Is there anyway to get access to a similar interface for ASCII? Or would I have to switch to tiles to get that?

UI is the same between Tiles and Curses version. Which game version are you using?

The only thing different about his UI is hes using a different font from the base game (whiterabt or something like that), but he also uses a high resolution and has his UI option set to centered (in the options menu)

I was using version cataclysmdda-0.C-2834. But I just updated to the newest experimental and now I have the same interface.

You can use the } key to access a menu to rearrange and customize your UI