How to pick up items

Hello, as this is my first post i have an weird question. How can i pick up things? When i try to pick up almost all things,it says whether i want or not to wield it.How can i just take an item without wielding it?I use the g or , command for this and both do the same thing. Please help.

Hey there, its probably because you dont have enough room in your inventory, if not you can (T)ake off an item.

So say i had a rock and it was f in my inventory, id go (T)ake off an item, f. And it should unequip it

Something that can be a bit hard to understand about cata at first is that you need space. Normal games you can carry anything you want. “you pick up the ladder and stuff in your pocket”. In cata you need the volume. This is provided by clothing. Try to get a backpack somewhere.

Oh so it is that i cant carry both the thing i am wielding and the thing i am picking up at the same time,so it tells me to swap them. Thank you very much.

Quick tip: items you’re weilding don’t count towards your stored volume, so if you wield an item that’s freaking huge (e.g a rifle, chainsaw, sledgehammer etc) instead of something like a cheap lighter then you can squeeze a few more trinkets into your pockets.

Also, start out with the mechanic profession and it gets you a storage item (a belt rig) from the get-go.
Of course, the devs forgot to give the mechanic a pair of shoes, so go find a pair of nicely fitting sneakers pronto.

One issue is that (last I knew) you’re limited both by volume and by inventory letters…and worn gear still counts against inventory letters. If you can’t pick up something with 0 weight & 0 volume, that’s why.