Take the game after several time

and no option for zombie spawn…

now the spawn is only dynamic?

Try here - https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues/12064

Tl;Dr, it’s only static, dynamic is no longer available.


so, now is possible to clear a city… ???

There is a Wander Spawns option now.

If turned on, it will cause zombies to sort of migrate around, you can spot these wandering zombies on the map screen.
Wandering hordes work similarly to the old dynamic system in that they won’t show up unless you make noise, but each horde has a limited number of zombies so you can actually kill them all.
However they make it near impossible to clear a city because they’ll wander over from other cities occasionally.

If Wander Spawns is off (it defaults to off, iirc), you can completely clear an entire city of zombies (eventually).

I think wildlife will still show up so you might have to deal with wild dogs and coyotes and stuff like that, though.