Please explain Zombies migrations


How zombies move over long distances, do they? I find myself wondering how some Zeds manage to creep back to areas I cleared of any hostile unlife forms. Do they appear from nothing, generated by the game? I’m playing with static and dynamic spawns. From my understand static is the initial zombies placement. Dynamic are hordes of (are they placed from the start?) Zeds moving around even at long distance.
I’m not sure also if with dynamic spawn there is a kind of ‘pool’ of Zeds in a particular place, and when the density falls under a certain level, the pool recreates from thin air new zombies. I would dislike that. Probably. At least I need to know what to expect from the game, if this is gamey e.g

I assume by Dynamic Spawns you mean wander spawns? I do not think static and dynamic can both be enabled at the same time

It may have changed since then, but if I recall from way back dynamic spawn just has a general zombie population in towns. You’d kill zombies and it would just reduce the total population in the town, but if you went back there the game would just spawn more zombies from the remaining population. So to clear out an area you’d have to wander around enough to keep spawning and killing zombies undertale genocide route style until the zombie population hit 0.

Static spawn has them spawn the first time the map is processed for item placement and such then keeps track of each zombie’s new coordinates when the map tiles are unloaded. So if a zombie moved to a different maptile while chasing the player for example they will spawn back in that maptile again.

Not sure how any of this relates to hordes since I generally don’t turn those on. I like the idea of being a hero of new england and being able to make areas of the world safe for good.

Tl;dr it doesn’t “work”, the solution we have is kind of terrible.

The current definition of a horde is a point on the map that allows zombies to spawn near it, that point has a population, a range, and it can move around. Loud noises can be noticed by hordes and cause them to move toward the source of the noise. Once spawned, the zombies can rejoin the horde and then move around at overmap scales again.