I’ve noticed we can learn to make some electronic items by dismantling them. Dismantling works by giving back all the materials used in building the items, so I think this should work differently.

Players could learn to create clothing items by just cutting them for the fabric instead of by dismantling. They would still lvl requirements in order to learn and all that. All clothing could be eventually be learned using this method instead of just knowing how to make them by increasing the skill lvl.

I like this idea. I’ve taken clothes “apart” before and was able to tell where the seams were and what pieces were cut where. It makes perfect sense to be able to make pants better/faster after cutting one apart at the seams.

I likey, that’s much better than auto-learning them.
Though some should probbaly still be auto-learn.

[quote=“Kevin Granade, post:3, topic:3445”]I likey, that’s much better than auto-learning them.
Though some should probbaly still be auto-learn.[/quote]

Bandana, Blanket, Maybe even basic “Long Sleeve Shirt” “T-Shirt” etc… Because frankly I don’t see someone stareing at a rag for an hour going “HOW DO I TURN THIS INTO A BANDANA…”

Maybe post-apocalyptic craftable clothing could be auto-learn. Like for instance, I’m modding a 2 pieces outfit called nomad gear and nomad headgear. They are both made mostly of normal clothes rather than “raw” materials like rags and leather. That way it’s harder to make them.

I already added low lvl makeshift clothes… headwraps, handwraps and footwraps. The pros are you need no sewing kit or bone needle to make them, you can dismantle them to get the rags back, they are a bit more protective. The cons are they are more cumbersome and heavier, making using multiple clothing in the same slots much more of a problem.

Well what we generally do is make the auto-learn level really high instead of removing it entirely.

Maybe we could have a prerequisite system, so if you took apart a bunch of the consituent items, you’d figure out the survivor suit…

That way of learning sounds awesome. :open_mouth:

Auto-learn level could depend on your skill & intelligence derived value. High intelligence characters would auto-learn easier.

Lets put following modifiers for the “difficulty of creativity”:

+2 for INT 1-3
+1 for INT 4-6
0 for INT 7-9
-1 for each even point of INT over 9

Then have some constant like 5 for the normal gap between auto-learn and skill required to make some item.

So - we have character with intelligence 11, tailoring at skill 6. He would auto-learn all recipies that require 6-(5-1)=2 - he would auto-learn all recipies that require tailoring(2).

We have another character who is dumb with intelligence 3, he has also tailoring skill of 6. He would auto-learn 6-(5+2)=-1 … Nope. He wont auto-learn anything until he gets skill level 7.

We have yet another character who chugged mutagen and has bulging cranium and INT of 24. He would auto-learn 6-(5-7)=8 … all recipies with tailoring requirement of 8 - even before he can actually manufacture them.