Sewing Kit

I haven’t really updated in a few days, but I’m pretty sure that you still need rags/patches/respective material to improve the fit of an article of clothing. It’s really nothing major, but it just urks me.

So for example, if you have a bondage suit that is too big, you wouldn’t need leather or latex or whatever it takes to bring in the seam, but to reinforce it you would. Y’know?

I think it’s a bit of a simplification for gameplay purposes.

So long as the clothes are composed at least partially of cloth or leather, it’s very easy to get plenty of base materials by chopping up spare zombie clothes or curtains from broken windows.

My current base has a pile of about 100 rags and leather/fur bits that I keep in the corner for repairing my outfit after trips into town.

Yup, the game asks for rags sometimes just to fit your clothes. It’s some sort of a biased counter that stacks onto the Sewing skill improvement. It’s like it assumes you need to have a spare rag every two improvements or so. It’s not that of a deal with leather nor cloth though it can rattle your routine in cases where kevlar or plastic chunks are involved. I think that the main idea comes from us players, where the majority of games played were actually hoarding-inspired and then came the need to get involved in reparation of more tricky gear, so to say.
I would rather have (D)isassemble for more than a few items at present, but still you can quirk it through .jsons.

Maybe, a bit too fidly, but better player and clothing size tracking? Could open doors for mutations/traits which modify player size.
Depending on how much the clothes are bigger then player, they give more warmth, coverage and ecumberence. And if clothes are smaller, then they penalize these qualities. To the point of that you may not wear them at all or damage them then worn (and can only wear clothing of that size if it is damaged to that level).
Like it was said by op, if one fits too large clothes, he gets rags/leather/plastic instead. Clothing size may determinate how much material you get from cutting them apart and how much you need for repair. As a shortcut, if players size is smaller then larger damaged clothing which is being repaired, it should “use up” its size instead of material to repair the damage levels.
Another implication would be clothing store variants for children and overwheight, and sports store for children and profesionals (more speciality equipment?). z’s would naturaly drop smaller clothes, then Z’s.

So howzabout dis:
Large clothes: Will give you warmth and a little comfort, but is a bit hard to move in.
Fitted clothes: Like now.
Small clothes: They are small on you. Hard to move in, constricting… I need to think of a positive for this. Not if there is one, though.

I think it’s OK as is, FWIW. yeah, having it check for rags (didn’t seem to use any) is irksome but workable, IMO.