An idea for generic custom creation?

I was thinking recently about an idea I had back when I first discovered this game and decided I’d just ask everyone on the feasibility of adding it and if it would have any support.

What if during creation, there was perhaps a 4th option for point allocation, where you could select starting gear (from a generic list) to come out of the gates with the kit you chose yourself? I’m not talking loading up heavy power armor, the nastiest weapons out there & every CBM in existence, I mean more like maybe you like the lumberjack class but would rather start with a chainsaw instead of axe. Or default to survivor starting gear & can spend points/creation bucks/whatever to change or upgrade an item to something more of your choosing.

I know it’s not a groundbreaking change, but a little customization could lead to more engagement/immersion from the get go. Thoughts? Comments? Critiques?

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The only thing I would want is a wrench.

For me it’s a welder. i can’t seem to ever find the damn things. My current mid-late game character has laser rifles, post-threshold mutations, and a host of bionics, but has only found a single welder this whole time.

I usually craft the makeshift welder and put some car batteries in it. I always fill the nearest solar car w car batteries for my crafting needs.

Once I looted an entire town and couldn’t find a single wrench. I had to craft EVERY tool I needed to forge a wrench myself. A few days later, found 2 toolboxes.

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Reminds me of that let’s play fellow who spent five game sessions hunting a screwdriver

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This has come up a number of times before (waaaay before, like 5 years ago), and the problem is it’s basically impossible to balance properly. Various items are either worthless or the most valuable thing ever depending on what the players plans for them are.

The compromise we struck was the professions system, it’s possible to balance a set of gear and a set of traits even though assigning costs to individual items is basically impossible.

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Fair enough. It was just an idea I had when I first found this game, as I said, and I thought I’d put it out there. By the way, huge kudos for all the blood, sweat and tears into this project.

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I agree that this is a system the game can likely do without… Professions mostly accomplishes it.

That said, I think the way to balance it would be to have a very short list of starting level equipment available. Basically, if it can be looted from a zombie maybe you can get it at the start for 1 point. I’m thinking toolbox, welder, wood axe, glock 19, a few things like that.

Still, while I can see how to balance it, I don’t really see why it is necessary

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