Swimming- The Billion Point Action

Ok, I had to screencap this, because its so ridiculous.


According to my status right now, having 2 leg encumbrance is adding over ONE BILLION movement point cost to swimming.

I’m assuming this is a bug. I have no idea if this is just a display thing or if it would actually take until the heat death of the universe to take a bath, but either way, something has gone very wrong.

I’m playing an experimental, it should be the last one from…I think two days ago? So this could actually be fixed by now, but still, hilarity has ensued.


Its not fixed. If I was to hazard a guess, it is a rollover issue (the cost looks suspiciously like the max value of an unsigned integer).

It’s probably a simple fix, and, possibly, only a ui issue.

Yeah, it was a UI issue. BevapDin fixed it in latest experimental.