Wet and swimming

You don’t get the “wet” morale penalty after swimming.

Ideally it should kick in whenever you’ve been in a deep water tile, but there shouldn’t be a penalty while you’re still in (or come back to) deep water.

Hmm. I understand the reasoning behind Wet not applying whilst in deep water; I’m thinking the penalty is supposed to be more “Was rained on” rather than simply “Wet”, but that’s jut conjecture. Without a towel or something similar, I trust you’ll forgive me for not wanting the Wet penalty to become any more common.

Would argue that having Sleek Scales should make being Wet less of an issue, given the whole fish-scales thing. Not sure if Slimy would be more of a factor though.

I just thought it was common sense, as you get wet penalty for getting wet… If you might get wet when raining then you for sure will get wet when swimming.

Not that I don’t like the actual system, mind you. More power to us. But it feels inconsistent and, well, like cheating.