Encumbrance is borked

In the latest experimental (1861 I believe), encumbrance seems to be completely broken. I noticed it has been broken down into individual limbs, but it seems to have caused issues.

Imma just list them here:
1- Limbs are not consistent when it comes to encumbrance. For some reason, my left leg can have 2 encumbrance, with the right getting none
2- The UI appears to be broken. The swimming cost is Integer.MAX_INT (regardless of encum), and no matter what I wear it does not display the penalties.
3- Encumbrance doesn’t seem to have any effect (tested by wearing multiple cargo pants and having no speed penalties).



Ahem. Anyway, the limbs problem is probs a problem with the game trying to put it on both legs.

Afraid so. Not yet sure where the problem is, but looking into it. Thinking there’s a bitset check that isn’t quite coming through.

I can report the same issue:

Separate limbs surely are awesome but still bugged.

Arms and Hands seem to work fine, I think for me it was only the legs who had different encumbrance even though I was only wearing army pants.
The next step should probably be separating arms and legs further into upper arm/lower arm. :slight_smile:

Found the leg-encumbrance issue. Should be fixed now.