Suspensions: A use for springs on a more destructive level

Hello all.
Are you tired of your cars being damage because you rammed into a bush at a high speed?
Or a squirl?
Or a child?
Or an inter-dimensional horror?

Well no more!
I suggest new mechanic!
when driving over things like rubbble, corpses, or children, damage is done to the chasis,
I suggest a way to help dissipate this!
And I don’t just mean with 100 tons of steel plating…
These little wonders, installed upon the wheels of a vehicle, would effectively act as a damage sponge, soaking up would otherwise cripple other parts of the vehicle.

Of course, Springs can be a pain in the ass to find at times, so i suggest that it be possible to, with the help of a powered welder, be able to make these things from lumps of steel!

I second this! and springs should be used to create pogo sticks. And have them launch things. Like javelins!

Here I was thinking you were talking about BSDM suspensions /disappointed

That’s all assumed to be packaged into the wheel item right now. My plan is to package all this kind of stuff (springs, shock absorbers, etc) into an “axle” component that takes significant work to install, and then the wheel item is fairly trivial to add/remove.

And yea, layering more detail into the vehicles is a goal, I’m just not sure when it’s going to happen.

Hey, do you intend to make things like rubber hoses, springs, and so on, which can be a real bitch to find at times, craftable?

Somewhat, but more importantly, if we add these as vehicle components, then that means they’ll be spawning in all those vehicle hulks that are scattered around now, so you’ll be able to scavenge them from there. It’s kind of a self-correcting system :smiley:

…I’ll admit i only really suggested this so i could get materials for my crossbows in a relatively timely (in terms of my character’s extremely short lifespans)

cough disassemble fridges. Or just smash them. :wink:

Everything you need to make a crossbow is found in each house. :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you!