Survivor notes

I found one that reads:

Some guy is walking through the horde without a scratch. Please tell me they’re docile now. Please fucking tell me.

What is that about?

On a unrelated note, i got a quest from NPC who repeatedly said that he is uncoded, and the quest log shows ‘find a book’ task.

Should i try to stuff the dude with my library or should i simply hand him a live grenade? (he wields a flamethrower. I hate NPCs with flamethrowers)

Survivor notes spawn randomly about random stuff you can find in the game. This probably refers to a dude who uses z-pheromones.

On the quest side, use him to clean up a town, or just kill him.

Yeah it’s probably z-pheromones, they make the zombies be on your side for a limited amount of time.