Survivor Corpses

So I started playing Cata with 0.C again and after dieing many, many (many) times I found that it doesn’t really make sense to stumble upon your 10 day old corpse when restarting as a fresh spawn.

Is it possible to make it an option that your last corpse only appears after as many days have passed as he lasted? Would make it a tad more realistic imo.

2 cents

It doesn’t make sense when corpse suddenly appears out of nowhere

Yeah, you’d have to ofc argue that they then died there without you seeing it. That would have to be implemented i guess.

On the other hand it makes less sense that you survived 90 days with an older char and then stumble upon that corpse with a 1-day-noob, assuming all survivors experienced the same cataclysm, no? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you’d have to ofc argue that they then died there without you seeing it. That would have to be implemented i guess.

On the other hand it makes less sense that you survived 90 days with an older char and then stumble upon that corpse with a 1-day-noob, assuming all survivors experienced the same cataclysm, no? :P[/quote]

I agree. So it should be made so that you start off at the same or later date as your last character died.

Wow, start date and such is gonna need cracking open to make that work. We got day 1 tied to first day of spring, and that would totally fuck this up. Heck, if I remember correctly, setting to start in winter (assuming 15-day seasons) means your game’s ‘day one’ is actually day forty six. Getting the game to smarten up about how long player corpses have been around (or shouldn’t be) would mean breaking a lot of other time-calculated stuff to get it to make sense.

Not to be a negative turd, just. I’m pretty sure it’s wonky because it’s gonna be a heck of a party to change it. I usually just play one survivor per world for this reason, and delete world when they die.

Oooops, well that doesn’t sound like it’d be worth the effort then. Didn’t expect the timeline to be handled like that and it would just have been a neat extra.

One question tho: does the date have any effect on game progression or such? Would there be differences to a normal day-1 start if you have 120-day seasons and start in winter?

I don’t remember, unfortunately. There’s always the chance my information’s obsolete, too, but I don’t think so. I just remember a lot of talk regarding how food spoilage is calculated, and when zombies have chances to evolve.

Wish I knew more on how the coding for that worked, I bet there’s a workaround option. Like, compare the current date to the date the other you died - I know death date is recorded at least in your little tombstone log. I guess if you started in spring, lasted two seasons, and then made a new character in the same world and started in spring - you’ve already violated a sense of timeline anyhow.

This is confusing my head the more I think about it. I’m gonna stop talking, go to bed, and let someone more informed take over.

Actually, the way I was looking at it, meant that all the characters you possibly create start simultaneously in the world at the same time, then venture forth and eventually die. But they never actually meet one another. Imagine the Meatboy Deathcam if you will, except for the being-able-to-see-one-another-while-alive part.

Survivor 1 lasts 9 days and gathers a lot of neat stuff but then meets his demise
Survivor 2 lasts 5 days and will never be able to see the corpse of 1, because he didnt die yet
Survivor 3 lasts 20 days and can see both other corpses (2 on day 5 and 1 on day 9) because he was created last and lived the longest so far

(Technically 3 should be able to see all other corpse here, but that would hardly be possible, since the order of characters obviously determines who can see what corpses, call it the random factor if you want :P)

Bloodlines anyone?
Seriously many a character has been saved to die a little later by the loot they find from the corpse of earlier build.
It’s a feature, like the ghost in Nethack.
It would be nice to be able to bury the remains though and leave a headstone or rifle, tags and helmet.

i always delete my world when a survivor dies, but this thread got me wondering why doesn’t the dead survivor turn into a zombie? I guess there’s some lore behind it, that i don’t know of. Is he immune to the thing?

I belive it was something to do with programming, don’t think NPCs rez either.

Really the current date should be saved as part of the world, rather than as part of the player save. Also, I haven’t really looked into this, but I’m pretty sure turns and time are essentially the same thing, and these might have to be separated to support this

Yeah, time is really weird right now, with each character starting at the same essential time (but things which were affected by past characters already having been changed). It’s these weird desynchronous time bubbles. One of the ideas that has been tossed around is to make it so that subsequent characters start immediately after the old one dies, but there are a few problems with this, notably that said characters would be facing a world filled with hulks and predators without really much of anything to keep them alive because all of the food and such would have rotted away already.

At the current moment we’ve just decided that a little bit of time weirdness (like the survivor thing) is the lesser of two evils compared to an unbeatable world for your 2+ playthroughs. However if somebody can come up with a good fix for this stuff we’d be happy to consider it as an option! :slight_smile:

There could be an option to create a duplicate world when you start, the duplicate would have the world exactly as it was created at the start, that way new characters could start in the same world, but without the effects of the old character.

I just reset my worlds after a character dies. I think there should be an option for auto rdet like there is for auto delete.

The loot of dead characters you find again includes the tombstone obituary you made prior…

This is totally doable, with one major drawback, all the details of said world will be different due to how mapgen works with the simple approach. In order to make them the same, any active worlds would have to write the results of generating map data to the “template” save, and that gets a little complicated.

Well, the best thing you could do is reduce the amount of usable situations, or change them, when creating a new character in an old world. Sheltered would stay unlocked until winter, but all others would close, and new ones would open. The location, where they are, their stock, and all that.The longer the world has been, the more stocked, well off the survivors are, generally, unless they had run into a terrible situation right as you take control.

Just me thinking aloud. Someone be my devil’s advocate.