New World Option (Suggestion)

So how the “Keep” option keeps whatever your character did in the world before they die and your new character can find their body and stuff, except new characters start at the next day from the day the previous character left off at. For example: initial day is Spring 1, first character dies on Spring 9, next character starts at Spring 10. Second character dies at Spring 24, the third character would start at Spring 25. Things like “Next Summer” or with Winter Start would be based on whenever the last character died. For example: previous character dies Summer of 2nd year, next character starts the summer AFTER that, Summer year 3. The NEXT character gets Winter Start. Starts in the winter of 3rd year.

Oh, and worlds with this option enabled would only be allowed to have one save at a time.

I don’t know how difficult this would be to implement, but that’s my idea.


Where would you start for the next character? Right next to the previous character death location; in the same vicinity; in the same submap; map or anywhere else at random?

Wherever you would start based on the scenario and location you choose in the new character creation menu. It’s just like the regular “Keep” option except time has passed based on how long your previous character lasted.

So spoilage and monster advancement, etc.