Life After Death

The next world i’m gonna play I want to carry on from the date that a character dies, is that possible?
Also is it possible to delete overmap tags, like remembered vehicles, for a new character?

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You could change the starting day from worldgen I think and there are a few scenarios that alter when you start but other than that there isn’t much you could do in the way of changing the date that your character starts at.

Also different characters remember their own things as far as my own experience goes.

In my experience, I had a new character see a remembered vehicle from an old, dead character. That was maybe about 4-5 months ago, though, so I don’t know if it’s been fixed.

There is a lot of bugs when it comes to playing new character in a world where old died. NPC’s remember you etc. It is advised to just reset world after death if you don’t want this kind of strange bugs.

I forgot about the npc’s remembering you too.

I was hoping to play the next game where the world story carries on after a character dies, i.e. find any notes that a previous character left or a base camp that they setup.