Survivalist's Furniture

Makes sense, maybe as a water container but I can’t think of any other none cosmetic uses off the top of my head.

This is what i talking about. Early gen noe/medieval style furniture for the player though i Would still add some form of storage since I dislike just dumbing everything on the floor

I was actually going to look into adding this, because the topic came up when trying to find a frame for earth walls that didn’t require nails (forging, by extension), eventually settling on the light wooden frame. I found that early shipbuilders used pegs made from green wood, because it naturally expanded, and it struck me that fibrous stalks are basically green wood, and they don’t have much use at the moment. So… instead of forging nails, go stab some triffids?

I checked the item browser and my memory was correct, the clay hydria only holds 15 liters, the large clay pot holds 37.5 liters.