Survior Gear vs Nomad Gear

I’m curious what everyone’s preferences as far as equipment go later in the game, once you have the skills to start making most everything… I’ve mostly been running Nomad Gear on all my characters and haven’t seen much reason at all to use any of the Survivor Suits but I notice it does have 100% coverages so I was wondering how many people use each or perhaps even something completely different like ANBC Suits which also look rather tempting if unusable by most of my characters due to anatomy issues.

nomad just has lots of storage. i think you mean scavenger gear, yes it’s pretty great.

survivor armor is really OP, a heavy survivor suit and a survivor duster will probably keep you safe from most monsters, add an MBR or kevlar vest and you’d be quite the walking tank.

that’s why i feel at some point, all players are gonna abandon using it in they playthroughs… it just feels too EASY. dump a lot of INT, loot bookstores and houses, gather all those fabrication and tailoring books, spend a week getting 8 in both while also smoking all the crack you got in your base, gather a bunch of firefighter gear and butcher them for kevlar, regular zombie clothes for leather, get the rest of the stuff you need and you’ll make your survivor gear pretty easily.

scavenger gear on the other hand requires some specific pre-Cataclysm rare storage items, but the common advantage with nomad is the extra storage. the nomad’s outfit 20L storage means in case of some intense fighting, you can dump all those 20 duffel bags your carrying and still keep your guns and weapons in your pockets, unhindered and unencumbered by strapped gear to store them in (might take longer to draw them tho). early to mid-game nomad armor is really great.

ANBC suit is really an amazing armor, sadly i only got hold of one in one of my playthroughs so I cant really comment on long term use.

personally i used to go heavy survivor suit and survivor duster in my noob days but in my recent i avoid survivor armor, other than that magic utility belt, using things like medieval helmets, regular gas mask, mbr vest on top of boiled leather armor and rubber boots. i’d say it’s really light that’s also an advantage for high dodge/block characters.

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I’ve dropped survivor gear from my playthroughs, so between survivor gear and nomad gear I have to take nomad.
Normally though, I prefer plate armor and chainmail.

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Nomsd gear for looting, survivor for fighting or raiding places with turrets or robots.

They are quite overpowered imo, but so needed and nothing else can really compare. Encumbrance doesn’t matter when nothing can really damage you.

Survivor suits are completely superior to nomad.

Sturdy means you can get mobbed without fearing prolonged combat will wreck your armor and dump half your inventory in the middle of nowhere plus causing a very dangerous situation. And yes even with kevlar reinforcement nomad can tear up.

100% coverage with kevlar reinforcement means stray hits won’t go through your armor and cause gradual rising pain in prolonged combat.

Lower warmth is much better since you can stack up more armor without running into heat issues while turning you into a walking tank.

Waterproof is very much QoL.

AEP suit is basically upgraded turnout gear, since acid resist is much better than fire resis. If you wanna go even tankier then the deciding factor between Entry Suit and ANBC is whether or not you have Dielectric Capacitance CBM.

Survivor mainly cos of the heat issue, everything else that comes close just makes you bake half the time. At some point I’m going to try a “nuclear winter” type play through with perma winter and see if more gear options open up.

Wow didn’t expect so much hate for nomad. Been using it on all my characters because Volume is beautiful. Nomad definitely requires a lot of patching up though. I’ll have to see what this scavenger gear is as I’ve never seen it.

Nomad is fine for the most part. Survivor is just so much stronger. Plus most of the time nomad gear is far too hot to be reasonably worn except in an air conditioned car, but generally when I’m inside a car I’m not worried about my personal storage volume as much.

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No hate, its just when it comes to gear I tend to look at it in order of protection>heat>encumberance>storage. Too much heat and you take a hit to moral and speed, too much encumberance and your skills become less reliable and stamina becomes an issue. Storage is nice but you can always carry an extra bag with you for after the fighting and it’s quick to drop a bag if you need to.

Plus for storage there’s always the humble cart/sled/wheelbarrow. For obvious reasons they can store far more than you can on your person generally, are easy to ditch, and can now be easily loaded onto a vehicle rack, so you don’t have to hassle making it foldable.

The only disadvantage is difficulty in moving them between Z-levels. For woodland playthroughs I always just shit together a couple of Travois and I find it generally takes care of my storage needs.

I usually make it early game then switch to survivor fire set/heavy survivor set later.

Id rather drag a cart and have the superior survivor armor.

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