Scavenger gear and cowl stats

This is up for discussion and is my opinion whcih can be challenged

As i use nomad gear very frequently i was atracted to scavenger gear but even though its basically end game item considering tailoring requirments i dont find it atractive to use.

it is basically nomad gear with sturdy trait,100% instead of 95% protection and better cut porotection and better enviromental protection for a price of 10 encumbrance.even if this conhsitues significant improvement i still find it hard to justify its use
compared to nomad gear becuse of pretty significant additional 10 encumbrance,and fact that by time you get tailoring 8 your requirment are somewhat diffrent concerning storage as you have much items to choose for increasing storage leaving main normal torso layer slot for better things.

some proposals which would make it more atractive-not all proposals at once

1)remove warmth-this i one of major drawback of nomad gear as it kills you in summer.scavenger gear should imo make you acive in any time and not being reseved for colder climate

2)lower encumbrance by at least 5-making it basically better storage survior suit with less enviromental protection.

3)lower tailoring requirment from 8 to 6

As for scavenger cowl on lvl 8 ifind it pretty obsolete in either physical or enviromental protection concering you have much better stufff like survior masks and helmet to choose from.
I though of one drastic change which may be op-give iintegrated night vision of lower quality (less range) and binocular functions to it and make it work on batteries and increase its encubrance butmake it less encubmering than night vision googles.I could see experinced scavenger would want those funcions for his headwear.

Tbh, I wonder if the answer isn’t instead to nerf nomad gear - the storage on it is insane.

i have though about that on sccavenger gear and nomad gear is same.their whole point is having insane storage.More so protection on nomad gear is too high high for not requiring kevlar to build.

So you want nomad gear to be superarmor?

no.i didnt talk about nomad gear except in possible nerfing it when one poster suggested it is too strong with which i could agree and i know that from using it.nomad gear is not supposed to be armor anyway just thing for transport and currently it has too good protection when i think.Same should be case for scavenger although scavenger should be improved nomad gear.

scavenger gear which is tailoring 8 item (highest lvl clothing ) is not that much better than nomad gear (lvl5) fact because of its encumbrance of 20 i consider it worse.

so yes maybe better way is nerfing nomad gear amd scavenger gear in some aspects however i would consider to sticking to my proposals that current warmth should be lowered for at least for scavenger gear as it really limits its usage.i could go with lowered protection (imo protection is not really point of those armors) and higher encumbrance but scavenger gear not being adapted for scavenging in late sping-summer is no good direction imo.

How about this to presnt my line of thinking
nomad gear
coverage 90
ecnumbrance 15
warmth 30
cut 5
bash 5
storage 60
enviromental 1

scavengear gear
coverage 100
warmth 15
encumbrance 15
cut 10
bash 8
storage 80
enviromental 2
this clothing is designed to protect you and stand lot of abuse…