Surplus Recipies (Duplicated recipies found in game)

I am just throwing this thread together so that I, along with anyone else who can find some, can note down duplicate recipes.

[spoiler=And I was wrong. Turns out that there was some things I was missing]For instance, in the Curses 2251d04 version, there are two recipes for a sling. One uses leather/fur and thread, the other uses a large quantity of string. Same description, same stats.

Now, I am not entirely certain that this is, infact, something that can be considered a bug, but it is certainly a possible bug.


Its still confusing as hell though. I dont feel like a sling made out of string would be the same as one made of leather/fur. [/spoiler]

Let’s take a look at said recipes, shall we?

Necessary for Recipe 1:
Fabrication Level 0
1 tool with cutting 1 (Knife)
1 Leather/Fur
20 Thread/Sinew/plant fibre

Necessary for Recipe 2:
Fabrication level 1
3 long strings/18 small strings

See the difference? No? It’s the tool in the first recipe.
As recipes are now, the game can’t say “You don’t need tool X if you have Ingredient Y” ; Thats why they have to be different recipes. Basically, in recipe 1 you cut the leather/Fur into a very logn string for your sling ; in Recipe 2 you just knot all those strings together in order to get the string. It’s a completley different way to get to the end-goal, the string.

This happens a lot of times where several ways can lead to the goal.

Well, hell. Cant understand how I missed that.

Although, the general idea of this tread still stands, as does the comment on the sling itself.

You might be right that a Sling made out of leather/fur is very different to one made entirely out of strings, but they shouldn’t change that, to be honest. Let me give you some examples:

You can find grenades of all sorts in CDDA, usually from the Military (Military drops, bunker, zombies…) ; Those grenades are high quality, very well made and so on.
The >player< can make their own grenades as well, and those stack with the grenades made from professional manufacturers.

You can find different Melee Weapons, for example Broadswords, Katanas, Zweihänder and so on, all from skilled blacksmiths or professional manufacturers who did this for years. The Player also can smith himself weapons, and it ends up in the same item as the weapons you can find.

You find a lot of clothing ingame, shirts, pants, cloaks, shoes, socks and so on. The player can, with a few rags (usually of different colours) and a sewing kit, make their own clothing, which results in the same item you can find in clothing stores, even though it’s technically made from a dozen rags from different origins.

You can find food like bread, broth, sauces, lunch meat and so on ingame, usually filled to the brim with chemicals to make it last longer, to colour it and so on. You can also make the same food, but without said chemicals.

Do you get the idea yet? The game would need to >double< the amount of items in order to reflect those differences. This would increase the size of the game, it would make the inventory screen a hell of a lot more tedious (“Why do I have 5 different stacks of EMP Grenades?!” :P) And it would probably be slower too because it would need to keep track of tons of different items instead of a more manageable amount of different items.

I understand all that, although I would argue that alot of the food recipes would not be different, nor would some of the others.

The food recipes would end in a different food, trust me. Do you know how many chemicals are in our food nowadays if it isn’t homemade? You have stabilizers, artificial colouring, artificial flavouring, the list goes on. All of those chemicals would impact the Taste(morale-boost), the preservability (Spoiling-time) and how healthy the food is (health, duh) amongst other things. While relatively minor overall, this would change a few points in at least those 3 categories i named and therefore would possibly change the gameplay in at least some minor ways.

As to the other recipes, which ones? Clothing? Sew something from a few dozen rags, i can promise you that it won’t keep you warm as well as a professionally made piece of clothing. The melee weapons are the same, someone who makes them for a living knows a lot of tricks to make the weapons sharper, harder, they know how to balance them out better, something that our player, as layman could not do, or only with a lot of practice.
The Grenades are the same, those manufactured grenades are made by machines, they fit perfectly together, everything is made from years of experience and tinkering with them - a handmade grenade is little more than a tin can with the payload in it and some ‘random’ wires and parts glued to it. They might not go off, because a wire came loose when it hit the ground/target, or they could explode sooner than anticipated, or maybe you mixed the payload wrong and it takes a few extra turn to actually explode.
So, as you can see, pretty much >most< items would be different in a variety of ways, therefore they all should be implemented if we start differentiating between SLINGS!

When a skill of 10 is considered professional, life-long levels of skill, and people are going about with twenty, melee weapons would be, if not identical, very, very close.

Also, I know about all the stuff in food, but much of what you cook in the game is not around as food for you to find. Same for many articles of clothing, some electronics, and the like. Anything that has no factory-made equivalent in the game.

Ahwell, perhaps someday some bright, aspiring fool will go and add a quality system.

A more sanity-saving solution would be to find a way to list whole alternative recipes under one heading. Get everything for the first recipe under SLING, OR the second one under it. This idea may also be entirely impossible to implement, I’m sorry I don’t actually have any idea how the crafting page functions.

Does anyone? But yah, a branching tree sort of system may be interesting. It is sort of what is already in use, just take it a few (dozen) steps farther… And if that is done with adding new items it would make things even worse for those who use the debug menu…

Really, I think that qualities would be a better system, probably both codewise and certainly better sanity wise for anyone looking for stuff in the debug.

I have the feeling it would be hard to actually implement a Quality system, but I might be wrong there, I’m no coder after all.

However, now we would have to ask, how do you determine the Quality? What kind of sling would be better, one of Leather/Fur, or one of Strings? It also depends on the strings used in the recipe, are they elastic, how much force can they withstand and so on ; you’d also need to add a random factor into all of it as well as your skill-level(s). Also, for food, you’d have to integrate the freshness of the materials into it, stale fruits won’t make a great fruit salad for example.
If we go further, most materials would need some kind of quality mark then, similar to the freshness of food - Wood can be old and brittle, or young and strong. Metal can be stainless, or it could be rusted beyond belief, Chemicals >can< go bad too, their molecular structure could break down if they’re stored poorly or if they come into contact with heat or sunlight. It’s also possible that they start to react with the container.
That could cause another problem in the long term - play for a few years ingame, and you couldnt find a whole lot of good metal, and you would need to chop down trees all the time to get good wood.

Here I was just thinking of things that you can craft. Well, that went the way of most of the ideas that I thought of today.

Time to get back to this (possibly) being used for its intended purpose anyone?