Repeat Batch turning Rotten Into Fresh

Hey hey,

I’ve found myself a potential little bug here. I’m using the Onboard Chemistry/ Foodco units to dry a bunch of meat from three cows that Zombies rudely murdered.

I go in, set to craft in the non-thaw reciple to Dehydrated meat in a batch-craft of (20) and start. Obvious to myself, this stuff is going to go bad waaaay before I get to it all, but I might as well start now. Or so I say, I keep repeating the recipe to make more 20 stacks of dried meat, drop it into my car unit, and repeat. After running myself from well rested to Exhausted, I drop out to sleep, and then go to resume to get some old meats to eat first over the week. Buuuut, I get a 20 stack of fresh. Surprised, I wonder if it may have been my crafting order. Since it aint old, I kept clicking, and kept getting more fresh stuff. The meat went rotten, but I kept getting more fresh. I’m not sure if storing it in my floor trunk did the trick or if this is happensantial, but thems the breaks.

The version I’m using is from November 20th, experimental.

My hunch is that the repeat craft did something weird and was pulling the recipe of the Fresh item, and undoing the rotten tag somewhere in the code.

I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t seeing some meat in one of my compartments, but I confirmed it used up rotten stuff for one set, and stopped using it. Then I burned about 120 of my meats that were likely exploit materials, and chugged off to go punch my way through a zombie horde.