Suggestions for new items?

Still keeping an eye out for my modular storage/inventory system.

But who knows. Garments with pockets act as quick slots for each pertinent size objects to fill. Backpacks and fanny packs etc. to act as remove and store or remove and retrieve items. Holsters remain mostly the same.

Hmmmmmm, a single sock. That’s it.


THC and CBD oil for the advanced cig.

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Speaking of…anyone else gotta wait 15 minutes at the smoke shop because vapers treat e-cig shopping like buying shoes?


Speaking of shoes, how about a pair of heelys to get the best of both worlds with shoes and rollerskates.



Wouldn’t the heelys be a bit OP though? It nearly doesn’t have any drawbacks…

Unless the spawn rate is low.

I wouldn’t consider them to be OP, as it would still take a little time to pull out/ put in the wheels, would be a lot faster than changing to a different pair of shoes. They wouldn’t allow you to go as fast as an actual pair of rollerskates, and walking around with wheels built into the shoe may be a bit encumbering.

Another thing I would like to see added is reprogrammed teleporters to get from point A to B instantaneous. Allowing raids to be completed much more smoothly without all the backtracking. Having a teleporter in your base (even better, your vehicle), then placing a second teleporter anywhere else would be all you need, that and a high computer/electronics skill.

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Heelys already exist in the game. I found a pair in my school playthrough, iirc.


With the current situation of bugs I haven’t updated since build 0.D-5125-ge42e973. More or less I haven’t seen heelys in my current run.

Edit: But maybe I’ll update and see how it goes.

Slippery oil: A special type of oil specially slippery at contact, this type of oil once used to make people fell and others laugh now it can be use to save your life or at least laught a bit.

Yeah, I basically want to recreate a zombie edition of this japanese show.

makeup kit,
if used by a character with the ugly trait, npcs will react to you better. but the effect isn’t permanent and will only last for 3 hours.


mi-go braincase: can be disassabled & maybe talk,
handcuffs: melee weapon that can (disappear+lower attack) on certain enemies,
math-book: -morale, +learning speed on the next skill use,
3D/2D printer: tools of some kind/disasembly,
CBM loader: as taser weapon/CBM loading

Essentially the PRIG or Projected Recoiless Improvised Grenade a real makeshift weapon that can be used similarly to the homemade rocket launcher except if you have a shortage of rocket fuel and an abundance of black powder and maybe cookies.

A shovel for vehicles so you can move all trash into one place.

Something like a hook (or maybe the same shovel) to tow/displace vehicles away.

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These would be great for the suggestions thread that was already up, unless the mods archived it.

I think canisters already function as the launchable grenade type and 3d printing was discussed, and ultimately given up on, the only resembalence is the printer in end-game labs.

Make sure to bring some neoprene clothing for that finale room though, because it’ll be a lot of fire, that’s your one tip

Oooh, can we get animal-drawn vehicles?

Pretty please?

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Bluetooth/wireless speakers would make for great sound distraction traps. Set up a circle of pungi sticks with a wireless speaker in the middle and then turn the sucker on, block cleared and distracted.
Sounds like the noise makers I build in game. Foldable frame with batt and stereo so I can travel with it. Only setup is installing a control panel. I switch it on, run for the hills, and then either loot in semi-peace or practice my shooting.

Isn’t there a noise emitter item that can receive the radio control mod?

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Moving the “Generic Guns” mod to blacklist, makes it easier to breeze through the mod list. Maybe a medieval extension mod that reworks everything in the base game to be more medieval, removing paved roads, multi layered buildings, labs, etc. Basically just medieval stuff

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